Tadasana Yoga -methology and benefits. Learn step by step.

Tadasana ( Mountain posture) is a traditional asana. This yoga is very simple and accessible. Pulling the body upwards like a Taad (mountain) is called Taad Asana or mountain pose. This is a posture which increases the length of the body.

Method of doing Tadasana (mountain posture)

First of all, stand straight, toes of both the feet should be joined together.

Keep your hands on either side of the body. Maintain distance between both the hands, then while inhaling, raise both the hands upwards or towards the ceiling.

Keep the entire body stable and ensure that the weight of the entire body falls equally on both the legs. Slowly raise the heels upwards and stand with the support of the toes. After that, spread your hands in the upward direction. Now slowly bring your heels to the ground and bring your hands downwards to the starting position. Repeat this asana for 15 minutes.

This is a balancing asana, hence do it slowly.
It is best to do Taad Asana after waking up in the morning. However, this asana can be done any time during the day, not immediately after eating food, but after an hour.

Benefits of Tadasana posture –

This yoga increases the height. it stretches all the muscles of the body. Blood circulation in the body occurs properly. The spinal cord gets stretched due to which its disorders are cured. Knees and arms become stronger. Develops mental balance and is very effective in reducing stress.

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