Sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) a very beneficial yoga .Let us know step by step

Surya namaskar yoga(sun salutation)

Surya Namaskar Yoga is a wonderful yoga activity, if you do it daily, it can change your life. It can fill new energy in your life. doing it regularly brings new glow on the face , It does not allow wrinkles to appear on your face even with increasing age, making you look young for a long is very beneficial in digestive disorders, stress, blood circulation, weight loss, menstrual disorders etc.

it is done in 12 steps. After doing each step, the same yoga practice has to be repeated to do the new step. Which provides a new energy to your entire body.

1- salutation posture (Pranam Aasan) :

In this asana, first of all you stand straight and fold your hands in the Namaskar position, then take a deep breath and leave your shoulders and your body light. Now while inhaling, move your hands towards the position and while exhaling, reach the Namaskar position. Come in.

The body gets an experience of concentration and peace, which gives relaxation to the body.

2–Raised Arms pose(Hast uttanasan ):

In this asana, take a deep breath and raise your hands upwards and take them near your ears. Then in this position, pull your entire body upwards and push it backwards.

By doing this, strength in the bones of the body increases and there is a lot of relief in the shoulders, lower part, upper part, chest and neck.

3– Hand to Foot pose (Hasta Pada Asana):

In this asana, bend forward and exhale deeply and place your hands on the ground near the toes of your feet so that your head is touching your knees.

By doing this, metabolism improves, which creates flexibility in the body and digestion process also improves.

4– Horse handling posture(Ashwa sanchalan asan):

During this asana, take your left foot back and touch the knee of this foot to the ground and at the same time move your face upwards and look upwards like a fox.

This asana improves eye problems and eyesight, provides relief from knee problems and improves kidney function.

5-Stick pose (Dandasana):

While doing this asana, take both your legs forward and make the body like a straight line.

This controls blood pressure and provides relief to the nerves of the brain.This asana is very simple but its benefits are many. It improves body posture, strengthens the spine and helps in becoming flexible. It is also helpful in digestive disorders.

6- Salute with eight parts(Ashtang aasan):

Ashtanga Yoga is made up of Ashta and Anga . Yoga of eight organs, in which all the eight organs have to be controlled.

Advantages: It focuses on breathing, mental concentration, posture and meditation. It increases stamina, controls body weight. This asana has many benefits.

7-Cobra pose (Bhujang aasan):

Bhujang Asana means snake posture because in this asana our body is like a snake. Its order is seventh in Surya Namaskar.


Doing this asana daily provides relief from back, neck, liver, shoulder pain, knee pain, throat related diseases and stress disorders.

8-Mountain pose(Parvat aasan):

People of all ages can do this asana. The position in this asana is like a mountain, that is why it is called mountain asana. This asana is considered to be a rejuvenating asana for the body.


By doing this asana regularly, it provides relief from fatigue, stress etc. It is beneficial in reducing waist fat. Strengthens the lungs and balances blood circulation.

Mountain pose (Tadasana) in details

9-Downward-Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana):

In this asana, the shape of the body looks like the shape of a horse. In this it has to be ensured that the body looks like an inverted V. /\ Thus .


There are many benefits by doing this regularly, like, the spine gets benefited, digestion process improves, blood circulation remains normal etc.

10-Upward-Facing Dog Pose (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana):

In this yoga posture, the back is bent backwards. In this, the weight of some part of the body is put on the hands and shoulders.


This asana provides relief from back stiffness, indigestion, back pain, blood flow disorders etc. By doing this regularly, the chest expands, lungs expand and their abilities increase.

11-Plank Pose (Phalakasana):

This asana is made up of two words, plank and asana, so to do this asana, we have to keep our body straight like a wooden plank.


It makes our muscles flexible and gives shape to the abs. Shoulders, arms and Strengthens the wrist. Provides peace to the mind and also increases our concentration

12-Half Way lift (Ardha uttanasan):

This asana should be done only on an empty stomach. In this asana, while bending the hips, exhale, half standing, bend forward and try to touch the ground. The duration of doing this is between 20 to 30 seconds.


There are many tremendous benefits if done regularly. This stretches our muscles, can reduce weight, can normalize the protruding stomach. It is beneficial in respiratory system disorders, asthma etc.

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