Effective solution to get rid of high blood pressure in Ayurveda – Causes, symptoms and Ayurvedic treatment.

High blood pressure treatment in Ayurveda – Causes, symptoms and Ayurvedic treatment.

The problem of high blood pressure or hypertension is a common health problem which is prevalent in public.

High blood pressure is caused due to disturbances in the heart, kidneys and blood circulation system. This disease can happen to anyone. People who are more sensitive to anger, fear, sadness or other emotions. They are more prone to this disease. People who work hard and are under more stress, drink alcohol or smoke more.

Apart from this, there are other factors such as genetic factors – if there is a history of high blood pressure in your family.

Diet – Taking a diet rich in salt and oil and high calories containing cholesterol, consuming tobacco and alcohol and consuming other fat-rich foods increases the problem of blood pressure.

Lifestyle – If we do not do regular physical activity, sit for a long time. Stay under more stress. Do not sleep properly. Suffer from obesity. Such unhealthy lifestyle can also be a factor of high blood pressure.

What can be the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Due to high blood pressure, there is headache and dizziness.

Heart beat increases.

Laziness increases. Due to restlessness, one does not feel like doing anything.

Digestive capacity starts decreasing.

Sometimes darkness starts appearing before the eyes.

The problem of sleeplessness increases.

Ayurvedic treatment –

  1. Grind two cloves of raw garlic and lick it in the morning to normalize high blood pressure.
  2. Use of rock salt instead of ordinary salt is beneficial for a patient of high blood pressure.
  3. Mix fennel, cumin and sugar candy in equal quantity and make powder. Now take this powder with plain water in the morning and evening.
  4. Mix half a teaspoon of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of honey and take it with warm water every morning.
  5. Boil one teaspoon of Arjun bark powder in water and drink it to normalize high blood pressure.

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