Constipation problem and its effective Ayurvedic treatment.

We have brought an effective Ayurvedic solution to get rid of the problem of constipation.
First of all we need to know what is the problem of constipation and why does it occur?
Constipation is a common health problem in which a person has less than normal or irregular bowel movements in the digestive system. This condition often does not meet the requirements of regular bowel movements as per nature.

The causes of constipation can be various, such as improper eating habits, inadequate water drinking, inadequate fiber intake, use of short-term medications, sedentary habits, fatigue, mental stress, and other infections or diseases.

Symptoms of constipation include abdominal strain or pain, fewer bowel movements than usual, difficulty passing stools, heavy or incomplete emptying, abdominal heaviness or bloating, gas, rectal tension or itching, and blood or slime in the anus. Can join.

Some general tips to prevent and treat constipation include: These include eating on time, eating foods rich in natural fiber (such as fruits, vegetables, grains), drinking enough water, and exercising regularly.

After we consume food, it is digested by the digestive system. If there is any kind of obstruction in this process, then the food is not digested properly and indigestion occurs and then constipation occurs. Not expelling the stool properly is called constipation. Is

Effective Ayurvedic remedy to get rid of the problem of constipation –

1- Take dry ginger, black pepper and peepal in equal quantity and make powder. Now take one spoon of this powder in the morning and evening, constipation will go away.

2- Eating two spoons of Isabgol with milk at night provides relief from constipation.
3- Taking one spoon of Triphala with warm milk at night keeps the problem of constipation away.

4- Eating papaya in the morning and evening with food keeps constipation at bay.

5- Boil dry ginger, horseradish and celery in equal quantity of water and drinking that water relieves constipation.

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