Ujjayi Pranayama Yoga practice in details- method and benefits of doing it step by step.

Ujjayi Pranayam yoga practice

is a popular Pranayam excercise in Yoga which can help in controlling breathing. The word Ujjayi means “victorious” i.e. overcoming breath control. The specialty of this pranayama is that in this the sound is pronounced from the inner, back part of the throat to absorb and exhale the breath.

Its method is as follows:

1.Sit in a Sukhasana or Padmasana and come to a state of inner peace. Keep the muscles calm.
2.Close your eyes and concentrate.
3.Breathe normally through your mouth.
4.Keeping your mouth closed, feel the breath towards the back of your throat and exhale through the nose with a throaty friction sound.
5.Similarly, keeping the body stable, inhale through both the nostrils making a sound and then exhale while making a sound.

Repeat this process and stay focused.
You can do this pranayam independently for 5-10 minutes.

Following are the main benefits of regular practice of Ujjayi Pranayama:

1.Stability: Ujjayi Pranayama helps to control breathing and brings the mind to a state of peace and stability.
2.Generation of Prana Shakti: Through this Pranayama, Prana Shakti (physical and mental energy) is generated and flows.
3.Breathing control ability: This pranayama increases your breathing control ability and helps in bringing more oxygen into the body, which increases energy.
4.Stability of mind: Ujjayi Pranayam helps in making the meditation stable and concentrated. Insomnia and mental stress also reduces.
5.Increase in strength and energy: Through this pranayama, you can activate your emotions by increasing your energy.
6.Cleansing the trachea: This pranayama helps in keeping the trachea clean and healthy.
7.It slows down the rate of breathing. It is believed that this results in longevity.
8.By doing this the complaint of stuttering and stammering also goes away.
9.Provides relief from thyroid problems.
10.Helpful in eradicating TB (tuberculosis).

Note that it would be best to take guidance from a yoga guru or instructor to perform Pranayam correctly. Beginners should not practice this breathing for more than five minutes a day. Heart patients should also not do this exercise.

Pranayama Yoga Practice – Types, Benefits and Method to do it step by step.

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