What are some popular hanging style for Curtains in bed room?


There are a number of common curtain hanging designs for bedrooms. Here are five typical hanging designs:

1. Rod Pocket:

Curtains with a rod pocket have a pocket along the top of the cloth that is sewed in. This design works well with light fabrics and gives the appearance of being collected or ruffled. It offers a conventional and timeless appearance.

2. Grommet:

The curtain rod is threaded through metal rings or grommets along the top of grommet curtains. This design delivers a clean, modern, and contemporary appearance. Grommet curtains are simple to open and close because they glide easily along the rod.

3. Tab Top:

The top of tab top curtains is sewed with fabric loops or tabs through which the curtain rod is inserted. This appearance is laidback and unstructured. Tab top curtains are simple to hang and, when closed, provide a somewhat gathered appearance.

4. Pinch Pleat:

To create a fitted and structured appearance, pinch pleat curtains have pleats that are evenly spaced and sewn at the top. This hanging design gives a bedroom more class and sophistication. Curtain rings or hooks are frequently needed for pinch pleat installation.

5. Eyelet/Ring Top:

Curtains with an eyelet or ring top have metal rings sewn to the top of the cloth, through which the curtain rod is threaded. This look delivers a modern, fashionable appearance. With the aid of the rings, the curtains can fold softly and evenly along the rod.

Consider the overall look and feel you want for your bedroom when choosing a hanging style for your curtains. Choose a hanging style that matches your bedroom’s decor and personal tastes because each has an own appearance.

How to choose best Window curtains for bedroom ?

Window curtains for bedroom:

There are various things to think about when selecting the ideal window curtains for your bedroom to make sure they satisfy your practical and aesthetic requirements. Here are six ideas to help you choose the appropriate curtains:

1. Style and Aesthetics:


Take into account your bedroom’s overall design and appearance. Choose if you want to appear official, traditional, modern, or casual. Take into account the color palette, patterns, and textures that go well with your bedroom’s design. Choose a style that fits with the look you want for the room because curtains may improve the mood and bring the space together.

2. seclusion and Light Control:


Consider how much seclusion and control over the light you want in your bedroom. If maintaining privacy is important to you, choose drapes with sufficient coverage and opacity. Think about heavier or lined drapes that can effectively block out light. Alternatively, if you prefer natural light, use sheer or translucent curtains that preserve your privacy while letting light through.

3. Fabric Choice:

Making the appropriate fabric choice is essential for both utility and aesthetics. Take into account the fabric’s durability, weight, and texture. While heavier textiles like velvet or silk can lend drama and grandeur, lighter fabrics like cotton or linen produce an airy, relaxed appearance. Additionally, since they will be in a bedroom area, pick textiles that are simple to maintain and clean.

4. Length and Hanging Method:

Select the proper length and hanging method for your curtains. To guarantee enough covering, measure the height and width of your windows. A more formal and dramatic effect is produced by floor-length curtains, whilst a more relaxed and casual one is produced by curtains that finish just below the windowsill. In addition, take into account the hanging type, such as grommet, tab top, or rod pocket, based on your preferred aesthetic and usability.

5. Insulation and Energy Efficiency:

Think about using thermal or blackout curtains in your bedroom to improve insulation and energy efficiency. These drapes are intended to control the temperature of the space, block out light, and lessen noise from outside. They could contribute to making your bedroom a more cozy and tranquil space.

6. Maintenance and Care:

Take into account the curtains’ maintenance and care needs. While other fabrics can be machine washed, others may need to be dry cleaned. Choose curtains that are compatible with your lifestyle and cleaning habits after determining your ideal level of care.


Always keep in mind that the ideal window CurtainsĀ  for your bedroom are a matter of personal taste and necessity. To make an informed choice, take the time to investigate several possibilities, picture how they will seem in your area, and take into account the practical considerations.


Roof pop colour combination:


Roof pop colour combination:


1. Contrast and Complementary Colors:

One approach to selecting a roof pop color combination is to use contrasting and complementary colors. For example, if your roof is grey, a bold pop of color such as a deep red or vibrant blue can create a striking contrast. These complementary colors enhance the overall aesthetics of the roof and add visual interest to the overall appearance of the building.

2. Monochromatic Tones:

Another popular approach is to use monochromatic tones for the roof pop color combination. This involves selecting a pop color that is within the same color family as your roof but has a different shade or intensity. For instance, if you have a light beige roof, you can add a pop of a darker beige or brown tone to complement the existing color scheme and create a cohesive look.

3. Nature-inspired Colors:

Choosing colors inspired by nature is a timeless way to create a roof pop color combination. Colors like deep green, earthy brown, sky blue, or warm terracotta can be used as accents to complement the natural tones already present in the roof. This selection can create a harmonious blend with the surroundings and evoke a sense of tranquility or vibrancy, depending on the desired effect.

4. Deciding on a Style:

The architectural style of the building can also influence the selection of the roof pop color combination. For a modern and minimalist design, bold and vibrant colors like bright yellow, vivid orange, or sleek metallics can be chosen as a roof pop color. In contrast, for a traditional or rustic style, warm and earthy colors like rustic red, burnt sienna, or rustic copper can be suitable choices.

5. Considering the Surrounding Environment:

An important factor to consider while selecting a roof pop color combination is the surrounding environment. If the building is nestled amongst lush greenery, opting for colors like forest green or soft moss can help the structure blend in with the landscape. On the other hand, if the building is located in an urban setting, colors like crisp white, sleek grey, or modern black can create a striking visual contrast and emphasize the building’s presence.

6. Individual Preferences and Personal Style:

Lastly, personal preferences and individual style play a crucial role in the selection of the roof pop color combination. Some individuals may prefer vibrant and eye-catching colors to make a statement, while others may lean towards subtler and more understated hues. It is essential to choose colors that resonate with your personal taste and reflect the ambiance you wish to create for your building.

Shree krishna janmashtami decoration ideas.

Shree krishna janmashtami decoration ideas

Jay shree krishna šŸ™

An significant Hindu holiday known as Shree Krishna Janmashtami commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna, who is regarded as the eighth manifestation of Lord Vishnu. This event is highly revered in Hindu culture and is widely observed by the Hindu community around the world as well as in India.

Shree krishna janmashtami decoration ideas.

Here are some ideas for Janmashtami decorations, along with details:

1. Theme-based Decoration:
Create a thematic decor by selecting a particular aspect or story related to Lord Krishna’s life, such as his childhood, Radha-Krishna love story, or Krishna’s flute playing. Decorate the premises, including the stage, with props, art, and colors that reflect the chosen theme.

Shree krishna janmashtami decoration ideas


2. Flower Decoration:

Adorn the entire venue with vibrant flowers, using marigold, jasmine, roses, and lotus flowers, which are considered sacred in Hinduism. Decorate entrances, walkways, and seating areas with floral garlands, rangolis, and flower petals.

3. Peacock Feather Decor:
Peacock feathers are closely associated with Lord Krishna, as he is often depicted wearing one in his crown. Use peacock feathers as key design elements in wall hangings, table centerpieces, chandeliers, or as standalone decorative pieces to add a touch of elegance and divinity to the decor.

4. Krishna Jhula (Swing):
Create a beautiful jhula (swing) embellished with fresh flowers, decorative fabrics, and ornaments. Place a small idol or a picture of baby Krishna on the swing, allowing devotees to swing and cherish his divine presence.

5. Dahi Handi Display:
Dahi Handi is a popular Janmashtami tradition where a pot filled with curd or buttermilk is hung at a significant height, and young men form human pyramids to break it. Decorate the pot with bright-colored cloth, mirrors, or sequins, and hang it at a prominent spot, symbolizing Lord Krishna’s love for butter.

6. Divine Wall Hangings:
Adorn the walls with beautiful wall hangings featuring Lord Krishna’s images or various scenes from his life. Use traditional Indian artwork, paintings, or prints depicting Krishna’s enchanting form, uplifting the spiritual ambiance of the surroundings.

7. Floating Candles or Diyas:
Place floating candles or diyas (oil lamps) in water-filled containers to create an ethereal and auspicious atmosphere. Arrange them in patterns or designs, such as the shape of a peacock, lotus, or Krishna’s flute, to enhance the visual appeal and invoke divine blessings.

8. Temples and Altars:
If setting up a home temple or altar for Janmashtami, decorate it with colorful drapes, fresh flowers, Lord Krishna’s idol or picture, and miniature decorative items like cows, flutes, peacock feathers, and butter pots. Make sure the area is spotless and well-lit so that devotional activities can take place in a calm and sacred setting.

Always keep in mind that the purpose of these decorations is to honor the birth of Lord Krishna and to inspire devotion, joy, and spirituality among the devotees.

best sliding door wardrobe

Best sliding door wardrobeĀ  :

The type of sliding door wardrobe you should buy depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some popular types to consider:

1. Mirrored Sliding Door Wardrobe:

If you want a double-duty wardrobe that also doubles as aE full-length mirror, mirrored sliding door wardrobes are a perfect option. They can reflect more light and enlarge the appearance of your room.

2. A glass sliding door wardrobe:Ā 

A glass sliding door wardrobe gives your bedroom a sense of sophistication and elegance. They keep your possessions safe and tidy while allowing you to display them.

3. Wood Sliding Door Wardrobe:

A wood sliding door wardrobe is an excellent choice if you like a more classic or rustic appearance. You may choose from a variety of wood finishes to match your bedroom’s design, and they provide warmth and durability.

4. Customizable Sliding Door Wardrobe:

Some manufacturers offer sliding door wardrobes that you can customize by choosing the quantity and size of cubbies, shelves, and hanging space to suit your individual storage requirements.

5. Space-saving Sliding Door Wardrobe:

If your bedroom is small, think about a sliding door wardrobe that slides open to reveal built-in drawers, shelves, and hanging rods.

Before selecting the greatest sliding door wardrobe for your needs, it’s necessary to take several variables into account, including your budget, size, design, and features. Making a decision might also be aided by reading customer reviews and comparing prices.

The ideal sliding door wardrobe for you ultimately depends on your own taste, your storage needs, and the look you want to achieve for your bedroom.