Are you troubled by heat rash? Then adopt these methods to get rid of it –

Summer season brings fun and excitement for many people. But you all know that it also brings many health related problems. Many health related challenges have to be faced during the summer season. One of these challenges is the occurrence of heat rash on the body which is more visible during the summer season.

Prickly heat is a common skin problem in the summer season. In this, the skin becomes red. Itching and swelling are also seen. Chest, shoulder, waist, back, hands and other parts also get affected. Prickly heat usually occurs in the summer season.

Why does ghamoriya occur in summer season?

There can be many reasons for ghamoriya in the summer season:

  1. Excessive sweating and humidity:
    In summer, the body sweats more, the sweat gets trapped under the skin. Due to sweat, the skin becomes moist and sticky. This is a major cause of heat rash.
  2. Sun’s ultraviolet light:
    The rays of the sun fall strongly and directly in the summer season, which causes many skin related disorders, one of which is heat rash.
  3. Accumulation of sticky substances on the skin:
    In summer, sweat, oil and dust accumulate on the skin, which increases the risk of infection which can cause heat rash.
  4. Fungal infection:
    Due to humidity and moisture in the summer season, there is a high possibility of fungal infection, which can be a cause of heat rash.

Some home remedies can be quite effective to get relief from heat rashes in the summer season:

These are some effective home remedies that can help you prevent heat rashes in the summer season. Apart from these, there can be some more home remedies which can be beneficial for you.

  1. Regular cleaning of the skin: It is important to clean the skin regularly using soap, warm water and soft scrub.
  2. Use of cold water: Spraying cold water on the affected areas can provide relief.
  3. Use of oil or ointment: Using light, relaxing oils or ointments can also be beneficial.
  4. Consumption of probiotic foods: Consuming probiotic foods can improve skin health.

Some effective home remedies to avoid heat rashes in the summer season are:

  1. Drink lemon water: Lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidants that help reduce angina.
  2. Eat sprouted grains: Sprouted grains help protect the body from sun rays and keep the body cool intermittently.
  3. Eat pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce angina.
  4. Apply rose water on the body: Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that keep the skin cool and moist.
  5. Apply potato paste: Potato contains starch that provides a cooling effect on the skin.
  6. Drink bitter gourd juice: The calcium and vitamin C present in bitter gourd help reduce angina.

However, the above mentioned treatments prove to be very effective in getting rid of heat rashes but There is no standard way to treat heat rash. If the weather is too hot or humid and your body sweats a lot, then there is a high possibility that heat rash may appear again after it is cured.If this is the case then any medicine or remedy will work only when the humidity or heat reduces or the weather becomes cold and one can get complete relief from prickly heat.

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